Winter time is officially here!  As temperatures drop below freezing, many people love the appeal of getting warm and cozy by their traditional fireplace. Whether you just like the ambiance of a warm and cozy fire, or you use your hearth as a heat source, you should know how often to schedule a Chimney Cleaning. Oil, soot and debris inside your chimney can create significant hazards including carbon monoxide poisoning and chimney fires. Fortunately, these dangers can easily be avoided with routine maintenance and inspection.

Prevent a Chimney Fire

A chimney fire can be unmistakable with loud popping and cracking sounds that would be impossible to miss. However, not all chimney fires are loud and obvious. Frighteningly enough, on occasion they burn slow and aren’t even visible. When this happens, the fire will still reach high temperatures and can seep into the walls of your house and ignite anything flammable. Flames from the undetected fire can even cause the total destruction of your home. As scary as this scenario sounds, it is completely avoidable with an annual inspection.

Reduce or Eliminate Odors

Odors in your chimney are usually caused by the buildup of Creosote. Creosote is a chemical byproduct caused by burning wood in your fireplace. Creosote begins as a flaky substance that is easily removed by a sweeping. However, if it’s ignored, it turns into a tar like substance that is hard to remove. Creosote reduces the airflow of your chimney, and it is extremely toxic. Prolonged exposure can caused health issues like irritated skin, cancer, and respiratory issues. A sign that you have Creosote build up can be a foul odor. Scheduling a cleaning will not only prevent danger and improve your health, it will reduce any bad odors from the fireplace.

Ensure that your Chimney is Structurally Sound

Chimneys and Fireplaces can be poorly constructed, even in new homes. Unknown hazards can be present in areas like the Flashing, Chimney Flue or smoke chamber with no detection by the home owner. A regular fire in an unsafe fireplace could cause dangerous heat to leak onto the roof or walls of the home that would start a fire. When you schedule a Chimney Cleaning with Quality Air, you can have peace of mind. Our specialized technicians will check the entire Fireplace and Chimney from the Crown to Hearth to ensure the safety of you and your family.