While it may feel like this year’s winter was one of the most brutal of out time, the good news is that Spring really is just around the corner! Spring is a great time to catch up on cleaning that is easily forgotten during the winter months. Maintaining a clean home goes beyond your basic cleaning such as vacuuming and mopping.

Having a clean home is integral to breathing clean air and minimizing allergens and dust that could make your family ill.

We complied a list of our best tips for getting your home fresh after the winter months. Follow these to help you and your family enjoy a healthy spring season!

Deep Clean Carpets

You might think vacuuming is enough to keep carpets clean. However, vacuuming alone doesn’t clean the fibers like you might think. When you deep clean your carpet, it actually washes the carpet fibers and removes dirt that is hidden deep down inside the carpet.

Shake out Rugs.

Your rugs could be harboring months worth of dust and debris and are easy to go unnoticed. They are nice and easy to clean, just take them outside and shake or tap with a broom handle.

Get Dryer Vent Cleaned

A clogged dryer vent can be a fire hazard. Call the Experts at Quality Air to ensure your Dryer Vent is clean and Danger Free. Click here to get a free quote.


Condition Leather Furniture

Leather furniture should be conditioned twice per year to ensure longevity and beauty. After that, just take a microfiber cloth and wipe with the cleaner of your choice.


Clean Faucets and Shower Heads

Unscrew the faucet aerators, sink sprayers and showerheads, and soak them in equal parts vinegar and water solution. Then, Let them soak for an hour, then rinse with warm water!


It’s never to early to start planning your To Do list. We hope you enjoyed these tips for refreshing your home for Spring!