How do you clean the air ducts?


We use all gas operated equipment and hook up our vacuum directly to the main trunk line that connects to the furnace as well as agitating all ducts under high pressure.

How do you clean the air ducts?2018-08-02T21:47:48+00:00

Do you agitate the vents?


We do this by running air whips and air nozzles powered by a 2 stage air compressor into each duct to dislodge all dust/debris so our vaccum can pull it into the area where it is connected.

Do you agitate the vents?2018-08-02T21:47:15+00:00

How long does the air duct cleaning take?


It depends on the size of the home and setup etc... but usually 2-3 hours for a single furnace home which is what the majority of homes have.

How long does the air duct cleaning take?2018-08-02T21:45:50+00:00

How often should I clean my vents?


The air ducts should be cleaned at least  once every 2 years and on a yearly basis if anybody in the home suffers from bad allergies.

How often should I clean my vents?2018-08-02T21:44:42+00:00

Is your work guaranteed?


If for whatever reason you are not satisfied on our initial visit call within 7 days of service date and we will re-clean to your satisfaction.

Is your work guaranteed?2018-08-02T21:44:08+00:00

Do you cut holes into ductwork?


We do make access panels into the main trunk lines to be able to agitate and insert our hose from the vacuum to remove all dust/debris. All panels are plugged up and sealed upon completion.

Do you cut holes into ductwork?2018-08-02T21:43:25+00:00

Will the house be messy afterwards?


No it will not. Our vacuum runs the entire length of the cleaning and we use vent covers to seal off all vents during the process to prevent any dust/debris from flying out.

Will the house be messy afterwards?2018-08-02T21:42:12+00:00
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